Home Ownership

How to Make Your House Better for Trick-or-Treaters

Are you prepping for Halloween and want to be sure that you have the best set up for Trick or Treaters this year?! In this post I will share a handful of tips that I have learned from my past mistakes with prepping for Halloween and will help make you the best house on the block this year. https://youtu.be/DgFEnCloPGk /*! elementor - v3.7.8 - 02-10-2022 */ .elementor-column...

The Value of Landscaping

Most people are drawn o the kitchen in a new home, but the first place that you will find me is the backyard. I love splashes of colorful florals among a sea of green grass. When I bought my first home, my second most important priority was a lot with a yard (my first was a wo car garage - I was seriously so sick of shoveling my car out of mounds of snow at the apartment I was living in). According to...

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