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MN Housing Market Predictions | 2023

If life has thrown you a couple of curve balls (engagement?! growing family?! new pet?!) you may be in a position to look for a new living situation in the Twin Cities here in 2023, but you have no fricken clue what the market has in store for the year and if it will be a smart decision to buy.I'm sure you have seen article after article trying to portray a doom and gloom year ahead of us with major fears...

November 2022 Market Update

If you are doing research on the local housing market in the Twin Cities, you may be finding it tough to find accurate information that isn’t someone trying to blow smoke or a media outlet that is trying to make you scared out of your mind about a pending market crash.Well I have good news for you - this blog is purely based on local Twin Cities data from the month of November that is honest and to the...

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