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Twin Cities Housing Market – February 2023

If you are trying to stay up to date on the local housing market here in the Twin Cities, you are probably getting a little frustrated trying to find accurate data that isn’t trying to sell you or scare you...Well let me help you get rid of that stress. This blog is your one-stop-shop for real, local data-driven updates. No smoke up your butt. No fear tactics. Just info.Watch the recap below, or continue...

Twin Cities Housing Market Update | January 2023

Keeping tabs on the housing market can be SUPER frustrating. Especially if you don't know who is trying to blow smoke up your butt and who is trying to scare you to sell more headlines. Well... I have good news for you. This blog will cover the Twin Cities housing market using REAL, LOCAL data. No smoke. No fear. Just info. https://youtu.be/gG_-bdevA4A This blog will cover: Sales prices Inventory...

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